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Simon and Speck Block Ciphers

This is a set of sister lightweight encryption.

Simon Block Cipher

basic introduction

The Simon block encryption algorithm was released by the NSA in June 2013 and was optimized primarily on the Hardware Implementation.

Simon Block Cipher is a balanced [Feistel cipher] ( encryption. There are two blocks. If the size of each block is n bits, the size of the plaintext is 2n bits. Further, in general, the key length used in the encryption is an integer multiple of the block length, such as 2n, 4n, and the like. Common Simon encryption algorithms are available

In general, the Simon algorithm is called Simon 2n/nm, where n is the block size and m is the multiple between the block size and the key. For example, Simon 48/96 means that the text is 48 bits and the key is a 96-bit encryption algorithm.

In addition, for the Simon block encryption algorithm, the encryption process is the same for each round, as follows

Of course, the keys will be different for each round and for different m.

Where z_j is generated by the Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR), although the logic for the different z_j is different, the initial vector is fixed.

| Constant |

| :--------------------------------------: |

| $ z_ {0} $ = 11111010001001010110000111001101111101000100101011000011100110 | | $ z_ {1} $ = 10001110111110010011000010110101000111011111001001100001011010 | | $ z_ {2} $ = 10101111011100000011010010011000101000010001111110010110110011 | | $ z_ {3} $ = 11011011101011000110010111100000010010001010011100110100001111 | | $ z_ {4} $ = 11010001111001101011011000100000010111000011001010010011101111 |

2017 SECCON Simon and Speck Block Ciphers

The title is described below

Simon and Speck Block Ciphers Simon_96_64, ECB, key="SECCON{xxxx}", plain=0x6d564d37426e6e71, cipher=0xbb5d12ba422834b5

It can be seen from the name that the key is 96 bits (12 bytes), the plaintext is 64 bits (8 bytes), and the key has been given 8 bytes, leaving only four bytes unknown. Then we can use the method of brute force. Here is a simon encryption algorithm from

details as follows

from pwn import *

from simon import SIMON

plain = 0x6d564d37426e6e71

cipher = 0xbb5d12ba422834b5

def compare(key):

    key = "SECCON{" + key + "}"

    key = key.encode('hex')

    key = int(key, 16)

    my_simon = SIMON(64, 96, key)

    test = my_simon.encrypt(plain)

    if test == cipher:

        return True


        return False

def solve():

    visible = string.uppercase + string.lowercase + string.digits + string.punctuation + " "

key = pwnlib.util.iters.mbruteforce (compare, visible, 4, method = "fixed")
    print key

if __name__ == "__main__":


Results are as follows

➜  2017_seccon_simon_and_speck_block_ciphers git:(master) python

[+] MBruteforcing: Found key: "6Pz0"