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ESP law is a weapon for shelling, and it is one of the most frequently used methods for shelling.


The principle of ESP law is to use the stack balance in the program to quickly find OEP.

Because in the process of self-decryption or self-extraction, many shells will first push the current register state, such as using pushad, after the decompression ends, the previous register values will be popped, such as using popad. When the register is popped, the program code is often restored, and the hardware breakpoint is triggered. Then at the current position of the program, it is easy to reach the correct OEP position with only a few single steps.

  1. The program just loaded and started pushad/pushfd
  2. Set all the registers to the ESP register and set the hardware breakpoint.
  3. Run the program, trigger a breakpoint
  4. Remove hardware breakpoints and start analyzing


The sample program can be downloaded here:

As the example in the previous article, enter a sentence popad, we press F8 to execute popad to save the register state. We can find in the register window on the right that the value of the ESP register has changed to red, that is, the value has changed. .


We right click on the value of the ESP register, which is 0019FF64 in the figure. After selecting HW break[ESP], press F9 to run the program, and the program will break when the breakpoint is triggered. Came to the position of 0040D3B0. Here is the position we arrived in the single step tracking, the rest will not go into details.