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Basic description

The input and output of MD5 are as follows

  • Input: Any long message, 512-bit long packet.
  • Output: 128-bit message digest.

For a detailed introduction, please search for yourself.

In addition, sometimes the md5 we get is 16-bit. In fact, the 16-bit is the length of the 32-bit md5, which is derived from the 32-bit md5 value. It is to remove the first eight bits of 32-bit md5 and get the last eight bits.

In general, we can determine whether it is an MD5 function by initializing the function. In general, if a function has the following four initialized variables, you can guess that the function is an MD5 function, because this is the initialization IV of the MD5 function.



At present, it can be said that md5 has been basically broken. The general MD5 collision can be obtained on the following online.


  • CFF 2016 a lot of salt
  • JarvisOJ a lot of salt