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Last Exception Method

The principle of the last exception method is that the program may trigger countless exceptions during self-extraction or self-decryption. If you can locate the last program exception, it may be close to the automatic shelling completion position. Now the last An exception method shelling can take advantage of Ollydbg's exception counter plugin, first record the number of exceptions, then reload, automatically stop at the last exception.


  1. Click on 'Options -> Debug Options -> Exceptions, remove all the √ inside! PressCTRL+F2` to reload the program.
  2. The start program is a jump, here we press SHIFT+F9, until the program runs, write down the number of times to start from SHIFT+F9 to the program m!
  3. CTRL+F2 reload the program, press SHIFT+F9 (the number of times this time is the program running times m-1 times)
  4. In the lower right corner of the OD we see a "SE handle", then we press CTRL+G and enter the address before the `SE handle'!
  5. Press F2 to break the point! Then press SHIFT+F9 to the breakpoint, F8 single step tracking


The sample program can be downloaded here:

OD loader, uncheck all ignore exceptions in the menu Options -> Debug Settings -> Exceptions tab and then reload the program.


We press Shift+F9, the number of times the record is pressed, the program runs normally. What we want to get is the number of times the second to last press is pressed. In this example

  • shift+F9 once, to the position of 0040CCD2
  • shift+F9 twice, the program runs normally

Then we reload the program, just press 1 (2-1=1) Shift+F9, go to the position of 0040CCD2, observe the stack window, there is a SE handler: 0040CCD7


In the CPU window (assembly instruction), press Ctrl+G, enter 0040CCD7, then press F2 here. That is, set a breakpoint at 0040CCD7, then press Shift+F9 to run. Trigger a breakpoint.


After triggering the breakpoint, step through the tracking. Down are some loops and jumps, we use F4 to skip the loop. Finally arrive at the following position


Obviously in the final mov ebp, 0041010CC; jmp ebp is in the jump to OEP, we jump past as shown below:


Obviously, we were lucky enough to come to OEP.