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About CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent

The CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent() function of kernel32 is used to detect if the specified process is being debugged. Remote refers to a different process in the same machine.

BOOL WINAPI CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent(

  _In_    HANDLE hProcess,

  _Inout_ PBOOL  pbDebuggerPresent


If the debugger exists (usually to detect if it is being debugged), the function will set the value pointed to by pbDebuggerPresent to 0xffffffff.

Detection code

The 32-bit environment can be detected with the following 32-bit code

`asm push eax

push esp

push -1 ;GetCurrentProcess()

call CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent

pop eax

test eax, eax

jne being_debugged

Or 64-bit code to detect 64-bit environments

`` `asm
enter 20h, 0

mov edx, ebp

or rcx, -1 ;GetCurrentProcess()

call CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent


test ebp, ebp

jne being_debugged

How to bypass

For example, there is the following code

int main(int argc, char *argv[])


    BOOL isDebuggerPresent = FALSE;

    if (CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent(GetCurrentProcess(), &isDebuggerPresent ))


        if (isDebuggerPresent )


            std::cout << "Stop debugging program!" << std::endl;




    return 0;


We can directly modify the value of isDebuggerPresent or modify the jump condition to bypass (note that izhi is not CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent, its return value is used to indicate whether the function is executed correctly).

But if you want to modify the api function of CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent. First of all, you need to know that CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent internally does the function by calling NtQueryInformationProcess. And we need to modify the return value of NtQueryInformationProcess. We will be [NtQueryInformationProcess] (./ntqueryinformationprocess/index.html) for introduction.